Maikii supports Jacaranda: another reason to choose Maikii

Help for the little ones in Zambia

Maikii actively supports the Jacaranda non-profit organisation, which helps underprivileged children living in Zambia, particularly in the villages of Mundolobela and Fumbo. It is a small project that was launched in 2006, but has already been of great help. We have chosen to link our company to this initiative to ensure that the success we obtain coincides with a happier future for these children, and can become a stimulus to improve further. We support Jacaranda by means of an economic contribution, which is also yours. Above all, we try to raise the hopes of these children in a more stable future, making their dreams and emotions ours.

How have we contributed?

The first initiative was launched in 2006 and consisted in the restoration and recovery of a dilapidated building that now houses 55 children from the kindergarten “Monika Banks Memorial Centre” in the village of Mundolobela. This first initiative was followed by the construction of a water well in the centre of the village, which was followed by the creation of a vegetable garden by the local community for local consumption and sale at the market. The following step was to build a chicken pen to breed a few hundred chickens for consumption. A mill, which was not used for a number of years, was put back into operation to grind corn, the main food of the population. Since 2009, the kindergarten that was entrusted to Italian nuns in Fumbo has become operational again. All expenses of the structure of the adjoining sewing school have been funded. We have always believed in the projects of the Jacaranda Association and the validity of their actions, and it is a joy to go over what has been done and imagine what we can still do.

Our choice is to share

How is all this possible? A part of the turnover coming from your orders is allocated to support these projects. We are not satisfied by a simple transfer, but we closely follow the path and development of the initiative through constant communication with the people in charge in Zambia. Each initiative that we activate becomes an extremely important goal we hope to achieve with you.